The transition from working life to retirement is one of life's great opportunities.

We have a team of financial planners that are passionate about getting people to enjoy their retirement and ensure we always act in our clients’ best interest.

Everyone has a dream of their ideal retirement, yet not many discuss or prepare in advance.

We believe our role is to work as a team with our clients to prepare, implement and enjoy their ideal retirement.

Our process for getting you retirement ready involves the following steps for success:

  1. Understanding your past, before we can plan the future. It’s vital we get to know what drives you, how you like to make decisions and what has/hasn’t worked to date.

  2. Your ideal retirement: discuss your future goals, aspirations, leisure activities, travel and how you are going to occupy your time.

  3. Support your mindset change: from accumulation to spending and make sure you know you will have enough.

  4. Strategy development: what income do you require to meet your goals and how can we ensure both partners have “sleep factor”?

  5. Consider your entitlements: support with obtaining and negotiating any Centrelink or Health Care Card benefits. We have a variety of strategy options available to support you maximising your benefits.

  6. Legacy: visionary Estate Planning completes the picture, ensuring we protect your success in life for the benefit of your children and grandchildren.

  7. Your Plan: we create a Statement of Advice that details our strategy recommendations and the products that support your goals – not ours!

  8. Peace of Mind: implementation is completed by our highly experienced team, attending to applications and implementation of all of our recommendations on your behalf.

  9. Keeping you on track: regular reviews of your spending habits, the economic environment, new strategies or opportunities that may become available – we are here to help.

  10. Reporting: we provide regular information to your external professional network; Accountants, Solicitors and Centrelink always need updating.