What’s your priority?

Career, relationships, entertainment, cash flow, lifestyle or… finances???

While many of our clients are looking to enjoy every other part of their life, finances generally get little attention.

We work best with people by educating you to understand your spending habits, create clearly defined goals and develop a strategy that supports all areas of your life; while providing flexibility as circumstances change.

With processes or words that include discipline, accountability, savings or responsibility being somewhat foreign to most young professionals, that’s exactly the areas we specialise and support you.

Having someone on your side that can support, mentor, guide and provide Financial Advice in all areas of your finance allows you to be able to enjoy yourself and know that you have plans in place for your future, when you have the time to focus on it.

We can specifically help with the following options for Wealth Creation:

  • Saving or investing surplus income

  • Create an investment portfolio

  • Utilise First Home Buyer’s strategies for your house deposit

  • Build an investment property portfolio

  • Develop a debt repayment strategy

  • Create a spending plan

  • Reduce income tax (a few options available)

  • Understand your Superannuation options

  • Know your priority when buying a home: growth, income or tax benefits?

  • Buy or sell an investment property - benefits and consequences

  • Windfalls - options available if you receive an inheritance or large sum of money

  • Guarantee or protect your income i.e. Insurance

Our clients know that having a Financial Planning professional as part of your team will ensure you can take advantage of all opportunities that are available and ensure that you can enjoy your current lifestyle now and into the future.